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A Sample part of Phineas Y Ferb Isabella Story:, Isabella was in her bed, with a pillow on her face. As you probably imagined, she was crying. This is all my fault! she yelled, but it wasnt heard much because of the pillow. Isabella was full of anger. She stayed like that until she fell asleep.The next morning, Isabella woke up to find a text in her cellphone. The screen read New text message from Jadalis. Isabella throws her cellphone on the floor. Like I want to hear from you she says to herself.Isabella just transformed her attitude from a sweet, colorful one to a dark, cold one. Like a emo or goth person. (A/N: NO OFFENSE TO GOTH OR EMO PPL!). She now wore a blue top with a skull on it, her nails were painted black, she had dark make-up, dark pink leggings with a gray and black striped skirt, and rocker gloves. Mrs. Garcia-Shapiro knew this was just anger, and it would pass up eventually. She didnt know the reason, but it mustve been a good one to turn Isabella like that. It was now 2:00pm and Isabella was now in the food court in the mall, standing in a line. HeywoahIsabella? she heard a cheery voice from behind, but decided not to look back. Phineas stood in fromt of her. Isabella?! he asked. What? Isabella replied in a dark tone. Are you okay? Phineas asked, worried. Yes Isabella said and moved forward as the line moved. Are you sure?. Isabella made a annoyed face and Phineas decided to leave her alone.Three days passed. Three new texts in Isabellas cellphone. Isabella was in her bedr...

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