How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

Winning one’s ex back is not an easy thing. Therefore, you need to have the right tips in order to ensure that you get your ex back. If you just plunge into the whole business without the proper knowledge, you will not succeed in having your ex girlfriend back. Therefore, this article explores a number of tips that will maximize your chances of getting your girlfriend back after a break-up. Read on to discover how to get your ex girlfriend back.

Text Her

First, texting has the magic of helping you reconnect with your old lover. Although absence makes the heart grow fonder, a lot of presence may not working exact magic for you. Instead of making the common mistake of calling your girlfriend after estrangement, texting is the best option. Even as you text, you are advised not to make your attempts of trying to win her back to obvious. As such, you should play a crafty game. For instance, you may tell her that you were listening to the radio and heard a romantic song that reminded you of her. If she wants to know what you are up to, you should simply say that the song has resurrected your memories of her and that you simply miss her.

Go Slow

In the same vein, you should be very calculative and slow as you try to win your ex girlfriend back. If you hurry through it, you are going to lose her again and even ruin your chances of ever getting her in future. Even if she behaves in a suggestive away, you should not fall for the hints. After all, the girl will not easily accept the fact that she made a mistake by leaving you. As such, you should move slowly as you endeavor to win her back. Remember that winning a girl back may sometimes be harder than winning her in the first place. Therefore, you need to be on your guard as you slowly go through the entire process. Whenever you find her not receptive enough, you are advised to retreat and re-strategize.


If you are the one who triggered the break-up by doing something that angered her, it is only wise to own up your mistakes. Men are sometimes a stubborn breed that will never accept having been in the wrong. As a result, many men lose their girlfriend simply because they cannot accept that they were in the wrong. Therefore, take the initiative and say that you are the one who was wrong. Seeing ones errors may not be very easy. Therefore, you need to take the initiative and say that you are sorry, even when you are error is not easy for you to detect.

Allow Time To Pass

Allowing some time to pass also plays a critical role when trying to re-unite with your girlfriend. If you follow the estrangement with pleas of reunion, it will appear like you area too difficult. Although the temptation to seek immediate reunion is always high you are advised to tame your anxieties and instead allow some time to pass. Remember that your girl is missing you the same way you area missing her. When you stay for a long time without communicating, you send the message that she is the one who lost and not you. As such, she will chip in fast to remedy whatever error she had done and begin strategizing on how to have you back. Don’t refuse when she makes attempts to have you back. At the same time, you should not fall for her traps right away. Simply let the reunion take place but do not betray your excitement.

Seek The Services Of A Relationship

Again, you may enlist the help of relationship counselor if you are at a loss how to treat the matter of losing your girlfriend. A marriage counselor is going to give you a number of tips that are going to maximize your chances of winning your girlfriend back. You should however remember that this is going to cost you some money. As a result, you are advised to visit as many relationship doyens as possible as you compare the prices that are charged by the various service providers out there until you find one who sounds really convincing and one who charges the most affordable fees out there. If you are not familiar with the field of relationship experts, you choose to enlist the help of those that have hired before so that you land the most seasoned and the most helpful relationship expects.

Remain A Friend

Some men make the mistake of breaking up company with ladies after the affair ends. The best option is to ensure that you show your girl that you area still friends even after the affair has ended. This gives you high chances of reconciling. However, if you make the mistake of hating her to the point of not shaking hands or talking you will make your chances of reuniting with her hopelessly minimal. Showing her that you still value her normal friendship gives her the chance to rethink her stance. She even begins viewing you as a harmless person and she will begin wondering whether she was the cause of the break-up after all. If there are things of mutual benefit that you were doing together, you are advised to continue doing them.

Stir Her Jealousy

If you are still looking for, »how to get my girlfriend back» tips, then continue raeding. Hanging up with other females also works magic in helping you reunite with your girlfriend. You should however that this is double-edged sword. Although it may stir her jealousy and make her regret her losing you, it also has the danger of sending at the message that you do not care after all. She even uses this to justify your separation. She many even allege that you were still seeing such girls before the separation. As such, you are supposed to take the kind of step knowing that you will either win it all or lose it all.

Follow the above tips to maximize your chances with your girlfriend. Since you are the one who knows your girlfriend better, you need to put creativity and ingenuity in the whole process in order to attain your aim as easily as possible. These are but mere guidelines.