How To Make A Woman Orgasm Fast

Knowing how to make a woman orgasm fast and become sexually addicted to you is something that many men don’t know how to do. The fundamental thing to know during sex is to give the woman an exceptional, memorable, and thrilling experience. All these things you may practice at online chats. Get acquainted with gorgeous women and flirt with them.

In order to do that, you must know and define what the woman wants. You cannot be scared to touch a woman romantically or sexually. This is your big shot; you have been telling a woman how desperately you want her and what you are going to do to her.

This post is divided into 3 parts; before sex, during sex, and after sex.

Now you have to express it physically. Some women are vocal while others are shy, but women are not shy about saying a man was rubbish in the sack. Remember, men are like microwaves and women are like ovens.

How to make a woman orgasm fast: Before Sex – Fore Play

You need to warm up her pussy with her sweet nectar. Women are actually sensitive to touch. Have a party on every part of her body, make her feel aroused that she is about to make love to the sexiest man she has ever run into in her life.

Sex should not be considered as just another sexual experience in your life. You have the goal to satisfy the women you have toiled so hard to get. You should prevent Cumming before she does.

A few things to do during foreplay

You have been thinking of caressing and getting a hand full, so go ahead and squeeze her.

  • Fondle her breasts
  • Stroke her thighs
  • Smack that ass
  • Strip off her clothes

Don’t be a pussy eat the pussy. Pay attention to her whines echo off your wall.

  • Don’t be scared to kiss those lips
  • Take your time
  • Flip your tongue, and suck on her juices.
  • Multitask every part of your body
  • Kiss on her stomach at the same time as you feel on her booty.
  • Become crazy on her.
  • Simply by doing this alone, she will be soaking all over you.

How to make a woman orgasm fast – During Sex – Penetration

Ultimately the woman will be soaking from your overall sexy vibe and taking the time to warm her up, she will be pleading for it. Tease her with your dick, but do not go straight for it yet. She should have at least come once or twice before you enter. Tease her with your dick; rub it against her things and against her lips. Next, slide your dick into her, and listen to her gasp as she takes your dick inside of her. Choose your speed. Estimate the woman’s bodily reaction as you begin sliding in and out. The overall target is to stroke her pussy with your dick from various angles. Rather than getting the slide back and forth, opt for an over and down stroke.
Use your hips and butt, ensure you have a tough, powerful thrust that causes her cry out. You have to take your time, but you need to remember to give her thrilling sex. Some women like it rough while other women like it slower and then getting faster gradually. This is why you have to listen to her and her body. Focus on her facial expressions. If she looks bored, you have to change your approaches. But, if she seems out of breath and can hardly speak, keep stroking that woman.
Don’t be scared to whisper in her ear. Say – «You are so wet for me honey» or «Your body is so amazing».

Don’t just hump silently in the middle of the dark room. Pull her hair and whine with her. If she has an amazing ass, tell her. Then reach around and grapple that stiff ass and spank it. Women, in fact, get more turned on, the more you tell them how really turned on they are in bed. If you can lift your woman in the air, then do so. Another trick to use in bed is changing up positions. Begin with a missionary as it is the most basic. Then move around to the sides, and then go back to missionary, but lift the woman’s legs either in a stretch or put them on your shoulders. Don’t be scared to try other positions like doggie style, girl on top as explained below. Once the woman has come at least a couple of times, ask if she is ready for you to come. Remember, the vital thing here is the overall vibe and experience. You don’t want to shoot the gun early, particularly if the woman really has not come yet. You always want to ensure, she is satisfied before you complete. When you are ready to come, you need to actually blow her mind by giving her hard sex. This generally causes the woman to come again. «Honey, are you ready for me to shoot my fucking load in your stiff pussy?» Or «Are you ready for me to load your pussy?» Ensure you are not saying it in a lame way. You need to say these with some confidence and edge.

3 sex positions to try at some point.

Advanced doggy style position – Think of the normal doggy style position, then guide her head down so it is on the bed, ensure her ass is still in the air. Now put a pillow below her stomach and tell her to lay on it. So she is relaxed and just prepared to be pounded. Finally, just go for it. Push downwards, hard and with a steady speed so that it is continuous. Try and keep the thrusting for a few minutes. If you can do that she will have a spurting orgasm in no time. G-spot missionary – Think of the normal missionary position, then take both her legs and put them over both of your shoulders. Put a pillow on her lower back and lift her legs slightly so her ass is just off the bed. Now you need to thrust hard and with a continuous pace. Mix up things by moving towards her face and saying naughty things to her in a soft, low voice, while taking just the one leg and pumping her just like that. Girl on top – Take a chair and tell her to sit on top, ensure she leans back and holds onto the chair edge, arching her back as she does this. Now it is on her to do the job, but it’s vital to tell her to ride you hard. While doing it, say naughty things so she becomes turned on and keeps going. Make it a point to try all of these positions at some point and spend a few minutes on each.

How to make a woman orgasm fast – What to do after sex

After having sex, you should already know what you need from the woman. The important thing is to clean up. Your exit will be different depending on the type of woman you have in your life.

Casual woman

If you have already been up front with the woman that this is just informal, then just collect your belongings and head out. In spite of who the woman is, you don’t need to overwhelm her; a lot of women prefer to have their space after having sex.

Friends with benefits

You can cuddle, however, while it still follows the same rule as a casual woman. Because basically, a friend with benefits is just a casual woman, you simply happen to know. The key idea is to keep it informal and prevent hurt feelings and confusion in the long run. If you desire to convert her into your girlfriend in the future, you can hang out with her later.


In relationships, sex is very crucial and you should be having sex. After sex with a girlfriend, you will see her being very warm to you after sex. She will lie around and want to be next to you and hug. Hold her close and be warm to her. You want to be intimate and affectionate towards her. You both just had an amazing experience so treat it as such.

How to make a woman orgasm fast

Finally, no matter what type of woman you have in your life, you always want to leave her with the feeling of great sex. This way she will forever come back looking for more.

Being able to make a woman orgasm fast and give her multiple orgasms is something that most men are just unable to do, and by you having the ability to give women orgasms, multiple and powerful orgasms, you efficiently remove all of your competition.

Women simply won’t be able to get enough of you since you leave them forever feeling special, warm and cared for, and most crucially, you leave them lusting after you and addicted to you sexually.